Alberton Maid's professional placement facilitators will help you source, pre-qualify and shortlist potential domestic candidates for permanent placement in your home, office or factory.

We have an extensive database of experienced, pre-screened, friendly and honest domestic workers: maids, butlers, nannies, au pairs, childminders, babysitters, caregivers, private chefs, cooks, housekeepers, domestic couples, personal assistants, butlers, cleaning maids, tea and cleaning ladies for offices, gardeners, drivers and handymen.

Everyday our office in Alberton is visited by hundreds of work seekers who are actively looking for domestic employment. Out of those, only experienced and matured ones with valid written references will be interviewed by us for possible placement in different positions within the domestic workers fraternity.

When a domestic employer approaches us with an inquiry, we walk them through the whole process of selecting a suitable domestic worker from our short-listed candidates meeting their requirements. We then do extensive background checks on potential candidates before calling them for interviews with a potential employer.

That’s not all, we also help with the employment contract, induction guidelines, UIF forms, disciplinary procedures and ongoing consultation.


Our services is backed by a 3-month replacement warranty. If for any reason your new employee doesn’t work out – personality, performance or getting hit by a bus, we will replace her / him FREE of charge within the three month period.


Our company is fully insured for public liability and we do full background checks on all our chars, outsourced and placement staff.


How to get started?

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
fax: 086 242 6379 or
Whatsapp: 082 642 2642.
  • Within 2 days, we will shortlist 3 – 4 candidates according to your specification.
  • We schedule and facilitate an interview for you.
  • You make an employment offer to your chosen candidate.
  • We provide you with a Placement Package, 3 months warranty and ongoing consultation.
  • You will be required by law to register yourself as a domestic employer with the department of labour.



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