Commercial Cleaning


Outsourcing All Maids' Commercial Cleaning Services is a strategic business decision that your business can ever make. It is an ideal solution for offices, buildings, hotels, shops, shopping complexes, factories, warehouses and other commercial buildings. 

You can gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing your cleaning services to a professional cleaning company that know what they are doing. It saves you time and resources, enabling you to focus on the core of your business.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services:
☆ Building maintenance
☆ Restaurant cleanings
☆ Hospitality cleaning
☆ Deep cleaning


You can choose whether you need a service for once-off, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or any required arrangement that suits your requirements., We realize that every home and organization is unique, that is why we can tailor suit our service offerings to meet your needs.
Any staff member can be replaced when they are unable to work due pregnancies or illness, within one day the worker is replaced leaving you with nearly uninterrupted services. To exchange any staff member for any reason what so ever, you simply give us a call.
By using All Maids Services, you will not be liable for U.I.F, sick pay, leave pay and can't be taken to the C.C.M.A. We take care of the employment resolutions for you which makes us easy to hire and easy to fire.
PLUS: Our company is fully insured for public liability and we do full vetting, background checks and reference checks on all our outsourced office cleaning staff.

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