Office Cleaning
Save time and money by outsourcing your office cleaning services to our professional office cleaning staff that will take care of all your cleaning requirements without disruptions while you focus on the core of your business.
Our professional office cleaning team specializes in once-off wall-and-all deep cleaning for new occupancy while our regular office cleaners take care of your daily, weekly , bi-weekly or monthly housekeeping of your offices, shop or commercial building.
Regular office cleaning services are provided by experienced cleaners who will:
  • dust surfaces
  • sweep floors
  • mop floors
  • vacuuming carpets
  • clean kitchens
  • clean bathrooms and
  • empty trash cans
Our Office Cleaning Team are also more than competent in specialized office cleaning services such as:
  • power washing floors
  • cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • washing windows
  • deep cleaning of bathrooms
  • and more...

By using All Maids Services, you will not be liable for U.I.F, sick pay, leave pay and can't be taken to the C.C.M.A. We take care of the employment resolutions for you which makes us easy to hire and easy to fire.

PLUS: Our company is fully insured for public liability and we do full background and reference checks on all our cleaners, placement and outsourced staff.


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