All Maids will help you choose from our extensive database of pre-screened, experienced, friendly and reliable domestic workers, maids or helpers for any household.

Domestic workers do a wide variety of domestic duties to keep any home in a tip-top condition on either a part-time, full-time or ad-hoc contract depending on your household requirements. There are also other arrangements available such as sleep-in or sleep-out to suit your needs.

The duties of a domestic worker are not only limited to cleaning, washing, ironing and laundry, there are other domestic-related duties that may be required by the employer.

There are other variations of skills that may be required in addition to the above such as baby care, childcare, frail care, cooking, baking that could be an added bonus for the employer. The more skills and experience a worker has, the more beneficial it will be to both parties for a happy and long-lasting employer/employee relationship.

Our staffing agency has grown to be a reputable domestic agency for any household, estate, ranch and office within its 6 years of establishment.


PLUS: Our company is fully insured for public liability, and we do full background and reference checks on all our placement staff.


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