"Your two ladies, Selinah and Jane, delegated to do the cleaning as requested, did all of the cleaning throughout the day in a very proficient manner. Both of them were courteous, pleasant and friendly - really a very commendable attitude and service etiquette. An excellent advertisement for your company. A pleasure it was to have them both at our home to assist us with all the cleaning chores!! Thank you Kind regards"
Gerrie and Petro, Meyersdal


"I Hired a char for a day - house was an absolute pigsty because work is way too hectic these days - she has done a great job"
Dominique, Johannesburg South


"Thank you for you amazing service and professionalism.  Shannon and I are very pleased with the way you have conducted your business and thank you for your service. We will certainly be recommending you services to all we know.

We are looking forward to Ntombi starting with us and we will keep you up to date on her progress. Thank you again."

Gail and Shannon, New Redruth, Alberton


"I just wanted to say thank you, Sipho. Your girls did a fantastic job and Amelia is a stunning team leader!"

Sarah, Brackenhurst


"Sipho provides excellent customer service and he is pleasant to deal with. His staff are better trained than those of the other domestic cleaning agencies."

Minette, Brackendowns